Welcome to ArtRageous Summer Camp 2021

About ArtRageous Summer Camp

ArtRageous Summer Camp offers a positive and creative daily experience in which campers engage in arts educational activities. In 2021, the summer camp plans to offer in-person learning. Campers will enjoy four weeks of free classes including: Acting, Hip Hop Dance, Stage Combat, Music & Songwriting.

Camp will take place July 12 – August 5. Camp runs Monday through Thursday, 9AM – 2PM at Snyder- Girotti Elementary School.

New Camper Admission

Ensuring equity and diversity within the ArtRageous program contributes to creating vibrant learning spaces for all youth to access arts educational programming. New camper admission is dependent on completion of the registration form, how many spots per age group are available, and our commitment to fostering a learning environment that encompasses all aspects of human differences. At our core we believe a high quality arts education should be accessible to all youth. New camper registration will open between the dates of April 9th – 12th. Notification about your child’s admission into ArtRageous Summer Camp will be sent out on April 21st.

BIPOC youth, and youth impacted with disabilities are encouraged to apply. Please reach out to ArtRageous Director Qadriyyah Tongori, at artrageous@brtstage.org, if you have referrals.

Camper registration is currently full and we can no longer accept new campers at this time.

Prior Year Campers

Campers who attended ArtRageous in the summer of 2020 are automatically re-enrolled for Summer 2021. If your child was accepted into camp in 2020, but was unable to attend due to the abrupt changes in scheduling, we are prioritizing admission for your child in 2021. You are not required to register your camper as new. ArtRageous administration will be in contact with the parents and guardians of all children originally enrolled for summer 2020 (whether they attended or not) by April 1st. If you have any questions, please email ArtRageous Director, Qadriyyah Tongori at artrageous@brtstage.org


COVID Precautions:
We are committed to keeping campers and staff safe as we follow CDC guidelines along with the Department of Health guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We plan to implement the following requirements and protocols:

  • Temperature checks, and hand sanitization upon entering the space
  • Campers or staff who have a fever of 100.40 (38.00C) or above or other signs of illness will not be admitted in the building.
  • Please be on the alert for signs of illness in your camper and keep them home when they are sick.
  • We understand that some campers have seasonal allergies. Parent/Guardian communication is very helpful.
  • Staff and students must wear a mask
  • Frequent surface cleaning
  • Frequent sanitization of hands
  • Cohorts of 10-15 campers per classroom.
  • Campers remain with the same cohort throughout the duration of camp.
  • 6 Ft requirement of physical distancing.
  • This may shift to a 3 Ft distance between students in the classroom.
  • You will be notified if that change is to take place.
  • Seating charts for campers while in the class for contact tracing purposes
  • Classrooms are deep cleaned at the end of each day and professionally sprayed down
  • Majority of ArtRageous staff is already vaccinated, and has been advised to vaccinate before camp begins
  • Outside classes when weather permits so
  • Immediate communication to ArtRageous camper parents or guardians if any positive exposure is reported.

ArtRageous will take every measure to maintain the confidentiality of the affected individual. If children or staff begin to have COVID-19 symptoms while at ArtRageous. individual will be excused to an isolation room or area.

  • Children will be monitored in a manner that allows safely distanced staff supervision.
  • The child will be screened by the school nurse on duty.
  • The Parents/Guardians of the child will be contacted.

ArtRageous is working in conjunction with Snyder-Girotti Elementary School. PA schools work in partnership with Department of Health staff to assist the school with risk assessment, isolation and quarantine recommendations, and other infection control recommendations.

Congrats to all our campers on another great year! See you in 2021!

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