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Honorary Producers

William and Linda Engle
Drs. Philip and Harriet Freidenreich
John H. Martinson
William J. Salerno
Joseph and Barbara Sanginiti
Ernest and Cynthia Schirmer
Richard and Eileen Sichel

Associate Honorary Producers

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Singer
Mr. Theodore Lahm


Dave and Jeanne Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Kaissar
Anthony and Jennifer Leitner
Bonnie and Sheldon Post
Leonard and Danielle Snyder
Ms. Joyce Ann Swoyer


Sharon and Ray Daikeler
Phil and Lucille DiVita
Sonia A. Foderaro
Joseph and MarrLa Lipuma
Ms. Leslie A. Opdenaker
Dick and Judy Quinn
Keith and Amy Spencer
Marion M. Walter


Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Capasso
Maryann Edwards
John and Sallie Kingham
Mark and Margie Kopins
On Demand Programs and Events
Mr. David O’Rourke
Caron and Elizabeth Williams


Ms. Marcia Ames
Eugene Ancharski
Barbara A. Bassett
Jean and Bill Brenner
Tom and Cindy Briggman
Anne Dempster
Ruth Dorn
Karen and Jerry Duginske
In Honor of David Abers
Edwina Fluke
Mr. Donald Formigli
Marianne and Joe Gowaskie
Philip T. and Monika Hauser
Bill Hellmann, CPA
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Holweger
Tom and Colleen Klingelhoefer
Richard and Georgia Koenig
Robert Lightman
Donald and Donna McCloskey
McKairnes Family
W. Ward McMasters
Donald Mitrane
Network for Good
Steve and Kathy Robinson
The Scheinholtz Family
Charles and Barbara Schumacher
Bridget Shaw
Peter and Anne Silverberg
William and Mary Ann Stanczak
Frank and Patricia Von Hippel
Tracy and Elaine Zimmerman


Ms. Ann Abers
Peter and Christine Ackourey
Albert Adamson and Carole O’Neill
Albert and Patricia Antrobus
Judy and Barry Ballow
Diane Bartlett
Dawn Belden
Christine and George Bennett
Elliot and Eileen Berkman
Birch Hollow Farm
Brendan Bradley
Chuck and Shirley Brady
Ms. Kathy Briggs
In Memory of Wilma E. Brodie
Diane Brown
Susan Brozena
Ms. Meryle Melnicoff
Michael and Sharon Byle
Craig and Catherine Calabria
Thomas and Shirley Callahan
Fred and Carol Carpentier
Dolores Cascarino
David and Jane Chalfant
Malachy and Marilyn Chodorov
Marlene Conway
Jennie Costantini
Mary C. Cronin
Loretta Crow
Kelley Cwiklinski
Brendan Daly, In Memory of Diane Lydon
Roger Daniels and Susan Moses Daniels
Catherine Davis Flail
Michael Day
Joe and Pat DeMarie
Nathan DiBonaventura
Ann Dillon
John and Jennifer Dowd
Robert Duaime
Maureen and Jack Dunne
Marilyn Drucker
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Dworsky
Linda Ewall-Krocker
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Farrell
Marilyn and Howard Ferguson
Mr. Robert J. Ferrari
Jean Fissinger
Gene and Cheryl Flanagan
Gary Frankenberg
Jane and Marty Friedman
Craig Fring
In Memory of Graham
Ruth Gindhart
Rose G. Giordano
Jane Goeke
Robert Graff
Celeste G.
Frank Hackius
The Haldemans
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hall
Stephen Harlen
Jennifer Hartman
Francis J. Hartman
Andrea Harvie
Bob and Carol Lee Hauben
Linda Hendershot
Ralph and Jane Hendrickson
Rhoda Hershman
Dick and Cheryl Hoffmann
James Hohmann and Lynn Alcantara
Ellen and Ira Idelson
Evelyn Ifkovitz
Carol Ivins
Richard and Grace Karschner
Peter Katsufrakis
Natalie Kaye
Holly Kettler
Mr. & Mrs. William P. Kiernan
Joan Kilroy
Robert and Judith Kipp
David and Audrey Kipphut
Anna Kitces
Kathleen and Thomas Kulesza
Constance Kurtiz
Joseph and Ruth Laks
Gail Lange
Margaret Lawlor
Bryan LeBlanc and Marcia Minunni
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Lebovitz
Eve and Larry Lefkowitz
Ms. Carol Leib
Tina and Carl Lisman
Joseph and Valerie Long
Valerie Long
Eric F. Luce
Edward and Coleen, In Memory of Diane Lydon
Dennis and Phyllis Malinger
Jacqueline Marker
Barbara A. Martin
The McCorkle’s
Ellen Meissgeier
Pauline Michalski
Denise Mitchell
Harold and Carol Mitchener
Jerry and Ruth Mooney
Barbara Mulvey, In Memory of Brendan Mulvey
Cynthia Murphy
Christine Giglio Nanni and John Nanni
Sandra L. Otis
Nancy Paolini
Dorothy Parker
Barry and Lois Pflueger
Lana R. Pinkenson & Co.
Ms. Deborah F. Pinney
Roy and Catherine Pope
Jennie D. Prant
Barbara Price
Barbara Raney
Joanne Ranson
Angelo and Melinda Ratini
Dr. Elizabeth Ravitch
Joan and Jim Reich
Patricia Reitano
Mary Ann and Mike Richardson
Brad and Lori Roadcap
In Memory of Nancy Mills
Mr. and Mrs. Elliott G. Russell
David and Betsy Satterthwaite
Donna and Greg Schafer
Christine Schlosser
David and Karen Scott
Doris and Richard Scott
Martin and Carol Siegfried
Richard and Jo Ann Simon
Pat and Donna Smith
Eric and Judi Sohn
Trudie Solarz
Morton and Rosa Spatz
Ms. Rose M. Starry
Susan and Harve Strouse
Ronald Swidor and Timothy Hartman
Marie Sykes
Roseann T. Taluba
Ms. Margaret Thatcher
Janet and Dan Thomas
Joan Thorne
Jerry and Evelyn Throne
Donald and Joan Tihansky
Verda and Elwood Tryon
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Vassallo
Robert Waterhouse and Linda Perrin
Dr. and Mrs. Howard Weinblatt
Ms. Elizabeth Weinreb
Jack and Margie Wellerstein
John and Jo Ann Whalen
Craig and Lynn Whitaker
Robert P. Williams
Arlene and David Wilner
Carol Woodhull
Fran Zarzecki


Jean Aldridge
Robert and Alison Angelaccio
Mary M. Antonelli
James and Kathryn Badgley
Mark Baldwin
Dorian Barry
Jonathan and Judy Beck
Carolyn J. Bennett
Virginia Berrocal
Dolores Bonese
Peter Boughton
Martin and Linda Brill
In Memory of Dr. William C. Brown
Theresa Budroe
Joseph Burak
John and Jo Caione
Donna Cayford
Ed Chiemingo
George and Karen Chmielewski
Connie Ciricolo
Joanne M. Clark
Judith Cohen
Connie and Carroll Condict
Ms. Rosemary Convery
Sybil Cooper
Vincent B. and Alice M. Cordisco
Maureen Costello, In Memory of Diane Lydon
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Cox
Rita and Chris Cresswell
David Cuff
Mark and Shirley Davis
Joyce Dierks
Sue Dimoia
Barbara Dito
James and Karen Dively
Joanne Dunchock
Charles and Jeanne Dyer
Shawn Ewell
Maggie Farley
Anita Feldman
Anne Ferguson
Sonia A. Foderaro
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Forman
Arlene Frieze
Elizabeth Genco
Mark and Mary Gesualdi
In Honor of Claudia Pellegrini
Rick Grabowski
Lorraine Greer
Elliott Gross
Ms. Joan E. Grow
Werner and Biaggina Haas
Edie and John Hagman
David and Phyllis Harrison
Raymond Harrison
Joseph Hasenmayer
Margaret Hayden
Linda Hershman
Robert and Jeannette Hesser
Ken and Anne Hitchner Jr.
Lorraine Hoffman
Bev Howley
Elissa Jacobs
Joan Jankowsky
Patricia Jimenez
Mrs. Diane Juergensen
Greta Kindermann
Bill and Donna Kinkle
Gerald C. Kling
Joan and Alan Kober
Elinor and John Koltzau
Joan Kopchik
Barbara Kraft
Leopold and Gaby Laitem
Melissa Lang
Diane Legates
A and M Legin
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Leiman
Francine Leinheiser
Stephanie and John Lezniak
Cathy LindLine
Terri Lovett
John Lyon
Marge Maloney
Marilyn Mandler
Joseph and Mary Ann Marion

Richard Martin
Ben and Mary Jean Mastridge
Mr. and Mrs. Ignatius Masulis
In Memory Of Deborah Young
Al and MaryAnne Mikula
Tom and Diane Molnar
Alan Moss
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Myers
Mr. Charles Olson
Kathy and Charlie Parkerson
Edward Pease
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund C. Pierce
Lori Pinelli
Karen & Chris Poli
Caesar and Marci Primus
Suzanne Proulx
Nancy Pullen
Mr. Jerome Redington
William and Valerie Reed
Marie Robertson
Linda A. Robinson
Lorraine Rocca
Karen and Marv Rosenberg
Sue and Harold Rosenthal
Keith and Mary Rothstein
Linda Rowan
Ms. Jeanette Ruano
Carol D. Ryan
Mr. John F. Salmon Jr.
Bonnie and Ian Schachter
Jeannine and John Scheffey
Betsy and Horace Schmidt
Jeananne and John Scrimgeour
Jan Seidner
Carol Shea and Family
Ronald and Diane Sherratt
Tom and Deb Shields
Sharon and Joseph Silva
Phyllis Silva
Jeffrey and Michele Simmet
Carleene and David Slowik
Kathleen Smith
Beverly Snyder
Carol Socki
Robert and Rae Springman
Michelle Stafford
Ray Stankiewicz
Paul K. Stout
Jeff and Harriet Summers
Robin and Hal Terr
Marge and Bob Thompson
Frank and Mary Jo Tiso
Peter S. Toft
Gina Tognini
Jesse and Stephanie Walker
Sheila Waters and Chris Gafgen
Zeina Wehbe
Robert Wharton
Carl and Bonnie White
Jim and Valda Wohlhueter
Nina and Alan Wolff
Leah Zenker
Jeffrey Zimmerman