David J. Abers, General Manager x100

Rayna Adams, Marketing Director x120

Susan Atkinson, Founding Director x101

Keith Baker, Artistic Director x102

Kevin Beebe, Institutional Giving Manager x111

Michele Begley, Assistant Stage Manager

Jeff Berry, Company and Facilities Manager x106

Shirley Brady, Front of House Associate

Emma Calvitto, Director of Development, x104

Andrew Deppen, Production Manager x110

Kate Forehand, Patron Experience Manager x109

Jordyn Gaber, Front of House Associate

Laura Giknis, Front of House Associate

Regina Gluhoski, Audience Services Associate,

Greg Hartley, Marketing Manager x121

Karen Harlin, Sales 215-539-8729

Samantha Slade, Graphic Designer

Joan Kilroy, House Manager

Diane Lydon, House Manager

Kevin Maroney, Managing Director x105

Melody Marshall, Front of House Associate

Ryan McGarrigle, Front of House Associate

Ethan Mimm, Technical Director

Shannon O’Brien, Properties Master

Brett A. Pearson, A-1 Sound Engineer

Sean Ravitz, Production Stage Manager

Chuck Reece, Master Electrician

Carmen Rivera, Front of House Associate

Linda Bee Stockton, Resident Costumer 215-781-0314

Andrew Thompson, Master Carpenter

Radha Vakharia, Scenic Artist