The Widow’s New Umbrella

November 14, 2016 In the remote Italian village of San Porphyry it always rains. Every day. Every hour. Every minute. Always. As the owner of the one and only umbrella shop, Signor Baptista has grown accustomed to being the most important man in town. But when the prophetic Widow has a vision that the rains will stop and the sun will return to San Porphyry after countless centuries, she turns Baptista’s shop and the entire village upside-down. As the townsfolk await the Widow’s miracle, anticipation builds, hope stirs, and love blossoms in the most impossible of places.

The Widow’s New Umbrella was the first play to be workshopped at Bristol Riverside Theatre’s inaugural Summer Retreat this year. This new draft is the direct result of the time spent at that retreat.

A Play by Kevin Snipes

Directed by Bill Fennelly

Supper begins at 5pm, the reading starts promptly at 6pm

America Rising opens the doors to the hottest playwrights of American Theatre. This popular play-reading series showcases readings and workshops of new plays in development. The reading takes place in our rehearsal studio (201 Cedar St, Bristol).