Other Than Honorable

March 25, 2013

Other Than Honorable is the story of Grace Benton, a former army officer who resigned her commission under sealed terms and now works with a high profile DC law firm. A new client arrives at her office—AWOL after stabbing her Commanding Officer—reopening Grace’s old wounds. As Grace pursues the new client’s case, the layers of her own experience with this CO (about to be promoted to a post he should never, never have), and the layers of bureaucracy she has to deal with, leave Grace at a crossroads. She can come forward and tell the truth about her past, facing damning backlash and putting the life she’s finally figured out how to protect in jeopardy, or stay AWOL from her story and let it happen. Ultimately, the question of what qualifies as honor in a soldier and woman’s life is at stake, as Grace has to learn how to stand up and tell the truth.

by Jamie Pachino
directed by Susan D. Atkinson