Employment Opportunities

Administrative Institutional Giving Manager

Bristol Riverside Theatre has an exciting opportunity in our Development Department for a dynamic fundraising professional. Reporting to the Managing Director, the Institutional Giving Manager will play a key role in a premiere arts organization and will be responsible for helping to significantly increase contributed revenue through corporate, foundation and government funding.

Bristol Riverside Theatre is dedicated to being a premiere regional theatre for Bucks County and surrounding communities. We believe theatre has an essential contribution to make to our quality of life. OUR MISSION IS: to engage audiences and artists alike with exceptional performances, inspired writing and superior productions that motivate us to think harder, to feel more deeply, to laugh more joyfully, and to reflect on ourselves and the world in which we live.

Responsibilities include:

– Develop and implement strategies to identify, cultivate, solicit, and steward foundation, corporate, and government funders;

– Generate written communications, including letters of inquiry, proposals, reports, and periodic updates on activities to secure renewals and new funding.  Comply with grant reporting requirements;

– Engage in efforts for new funder prospecting, including: research, analysis of fit, and proposal writing; identify sources of new funding;

– Implement cultivation and solicitation strategies;

– Establish and manage a system to track corporate, foundation, and government grants and reporting deadlines;

– Work closely with the Managing Director to prepare financial reports and other information for tracking, analysis, and budgeting purposes.  Set income, expenses and other goals for institutional giving program;

– Plan for cultivation opportunities for institutional supporters, including invitations to theatrical events;

– Ensure the accuracy of donor records and generate timely acknowledgements;

– Prepare briefing materials for Managing Director; provide reports to the Board of Directors and Board Committees;

– Represent Bristol Riverside Theatre to funders and in the community, as needed

– Contribute to institutional materials as needed, including annual reports, departmental reports and board updates;

– Partner with development staff on special fundraising initiatives and special events;

– Participate in initiatives and events related to the Theatre’s mission.


– Minimum two years fundraising/non-profit experience or combination of education and experience

– Excellent writing and communication skills, including the ability to write and edit persuasively on issues related to the performing arts and arts education

– Strong attention to details

– Superb interpersonal skills, including the ability to work with staff at all levels, ability to interact with donors and ability to represent the organization with tact, diplomacy and confidentiality

– Excellent organizational skills, including the ability to conduct and coordinate multiple tasks under pressure and meet deadlines

– Proven ability to prepare budgets

– Knowledge of performing arts or related field is strongly preferred

– Availability to work evening hours and weekend, as needed

– Knowledge of state and county grant system is preferred

– Knowledge of Tessitura or other fundraising software is strongly preferred

How to apply:

Please send cover letter, resume, a fundraising related writing sample, and salary requirements to akohn@brtstage.org with “Institutional Giving Manager” in the subject of your email. No phone inquiries regarding this position will be accepted.

The BRT is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applicants without regard to ethnicity, gender, age, or sexual orientation.

Production No positions available at this time. Please check back soon!

Casting The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee – by William Finn, Rachel Sheinkin and Rebecca Feldman

Director:  Amy Kaissar

Musical Director: Nate Beversluis

Choreographer: Stephen Casey

1st Rehearsal:  August 29, 2017

Opens:  September 19, 2017

Close:  October 15, 2017

CASTING: Mitch Mahoney, male: He has been assigned to be the comfort counselor as community service. Big, physically intimidating, might be an ex-convict, face and neck tattoos would be good. At heart, he’s a sweet guy who wishes the kids had a little more perspective. Also plays various fathers.


Time Stands Still – by Donald Margulies

Director:  Susan D. Atkinson

1st Rehearsal:  January 2, 2018

Opens:  January 23, 2018

Closes:  February 11, 2018

Richard Ehrlich: Male, 55 years old. A photo editor, so he functions from the business side of things. He is a former love interest of Sarah and then a mentor to her as she progressed in her career. He is close with both James and Sarah, but has recently started dating a girl who is ½ his age and far from their liberal intellectual world. A unique charm.

Mandy Bloom: Female, around 25. An event planner and very beautiful. She is far from the intellectual liberal world that the rest of the characters live and she is trying very hard to be accepted into their world. She often makes gestures that seem appropriate to her but odd to everyone else. Very optimistic and always looking for the happiness and joy that you can find in life. She empathizes with all the tragedy around the world, but would rather hear an uplifting story.

Sarah Goodwin: Female, late 30’s to early 40’s. She is a strong woman who is bold and adventurous. She gets what she wants by going for it. In her professional world she thrives on conflict, which bleeds into her person life. She tries to maintain a sense of full control over her situation, although recently she has had a trauma that has left her trying to regain her balance. She is not used to being held up at home, so she is easily annoyed.

James Dodd: Male, late 30’s to early 40’s. Much like his longtime partner, Sarah, he has worked in high stress war areas as a reporter. Recently traumatic events have led him to desire a life with less conflict and a desire to settle down. He is a man who is trying to defuse situations and keep things low key. He is tired of the high stress world and wants a “normal” life and a family.

The Producers – by Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan

Director:  Keith Baker

Musical Director: Douglass Lutz

Choreographer: Stephen Casey

1st Rehearsal:  February 13, 2018

Opens:  March 6, 2018

Closes:  April 1, 2018

Max Bialystock: You must “blow us away” at auditions.  Max is an over-the-top, high-energy, Professor Harold Hill/Tevye-type.  Once known as the King of Broadway, he’s become a producer of Broadway flops.  He raises money for his shows by romancing wealthy little old ladies.  Should appear to be late 40’s/early 50’s…..stocky, but has to be able to move around a lot.  Always has an answer, always has a plan.  A quick-talker, but you don’t miss a word he says…Perhaps one of the best roles ever written for a comic lead.  Vocal Range – Bari-Tenor

Dance – Moderate.  Must be able to move and have good stamina.

Leopold Bloom: A lovable nerd that can sing, dance and act.  He is a meek (and wimpy at times,) law-abiding and courteous accountant….believes he should do everything by the book.  Has always dreamed of being a Broadway producer.  An absolute contrast to Max, character-wise and physically.  Should appear to be in his 30’s, tallish, slender, neat and clean.  Vocal Range – Bari-Tenor.  Dance- Moderate-Heavy. Tap experience would be great. Big ballroom dance with Ulla.

Franz Liebkind: Yikes!  Franz is a German nazi who now resides in New York and has written the play, “Springtime for Hitler” a tribute to his hero.  This is the play that Max hopes to produce that will be a sure-fire flop.  When we first meet Franz, he is seen wearing lederhosen, army boots and an army helmet while singing to his collection of singing carrier pigeons.  He is a nut!  Franz must be able to do a German accent that we can understand clearly.  Can appear to be in his 30’s-40’s.  Vocal Range – Baritone.  Dance- Light-Moderate. More character dancing than anything else.

Roger DeBris: The over-the-top flamboyant director that Max has chosen to direct Springtime for Hitler (he’s looking for the worst director to create the biggest flop.) When we first meet Roger, he is wearing a silverish gown that he’ll be wearing to a costume ball (he’s going as the Grand Duchess, Anastasia).  He at first declines to direct the show because it’s too serious, but eventually agrees, providing they can “Keep It Gay” (he wants to rewrite the play so that Hitler wins and it has a happy ending…!)  Roger should appear to be late 30’s/early 40’s.  Must show over-the-top stereotypical flamboyant director traits.  Vocal Range – Tenor.  Dance-  Light – Moderate

Carmen Ghia: This is Roger’s common-law assistant….and is as flamboyant as Roger… Together, he and Roger make for an hysterical couple, arguing cattily yet exchanging winks from time to time.  Carmen should appear to be about the same age as Roger, perhaps a bit smaller in stature than Roger.  Vocal Range – Second Tenor. Dance- Moderate.

Ulla: A knock-out, sexy, tall blonde Swedish woman.  (we can work on the blonde…might have to make concessions for the tall…but MUST be sexy) Must be able to read with a stereotypical Swedish accent…She comes to audition for the show, Max & Leo hire her as a receptionist/secretary, though her limited English allows her to say little more than “Bialystock and Bloom..”  Her song, “When You Got It, Flaunt It’ characterizes her quite nicely!  Vocal Range – Second Soprano.  Dance- Moderate-Heavy. Has a dance solo (If you can do splits that would be great) Big ballroom number with Leo.

Hold Me Touch Me: One of the many old ladies who help finance Max’s creations.  She has a very funny scene with him in his office.  She needs to be able to look and sound as if she’s 75-80 years old…great character part.

Triumph of Love  – by James Magruder, Jeffery Stock and Susan Birkenhead

Director:  Keith Baker

Musical Director: Douglass Lutz

Choreographer: Stephen Casey
1st Rehearsal:  April 10, 2018

Opens:  May 1, 2018

Closes:  May 20, 2018

Agis: A student of reason. Beautiful. Destined to be the returner of Sparta to his family’s reign. Puts thoughts before emotion until he falls head over heels for the disguised Princess Leonide.  Gender: Male. Age: 20 to 25.  Vocal range top: A5 – Vocal range bottom: E3

Hesione: Agis’s aunt. A stern philosopher who, until she is wooed by a disguised Princess Leonide, has little time for emotions or flattery after having her heart broken as a young girl.

Gender – Female.  Age: 40 to 55.  Vocal range top: F5 – Vocal range bottom: E3.

Harlequin: The valet. Quick, clowning, and smart. Fancies himself a Casanova. Scheming, but with mostly good intentions. He falls in love and lusts after Corine. Gender: Male

Age: 30 to 40.  Vocal range top: B5 – Vocal range bottom: E3

Dimas: The gardener. Grumpy and lewd, but an obedient and honorable worker to Hermocrates and Hesione. Lusts after Corine.  Gender: Male.  Age: 30 to 40.  Vocal range top: A5 –

Vocal range bottom: F3

Hermocrates – A philosopher. Hesione’s brother. A powerful, forbidding intellectual tyrant. Thinks emotions are a waste of time until he falls in love with the disguised Princess Leonide.

Gender – Male. Age: 50 to 65. Vocal range top: F5 – Vocal range bottom: G3

Princess Leonide: Beautiful, young, and strong. She is clever, quick, and hopelessly in love with Agis. Disguises herself as several different people in order to have the opportunity to win his love.  Gender: Female.  Age: 18 to 24.  Vocal range top: G5 – Vocal range bottom: F3

Corine: Princess Leonide’s maid servant. Sexual and brassy. She is a good servant, but also very much looks out for herself and has her own agenda. The only character who truly can’t be bothered with love.  Gender: Female.  Age: 30 to 40.  Vocal range top: G5 – Vocal range bottom: G3.

Questions? Please contact David J. Abers at david@brtstage.org.

Script Submissions BRT thanks you for your interest in submitting a script for season consideration. BRT reads and considers work for both its mainstage season as well as the America Rising: Voices of Today new and contemporary play staged reading series. Due to the volume of plays and musicals that we read, we can no longer accept unsolicited work for consideration. All plays and musicals must be submitted via agent or MFA Playwriting program recommendation only.

We apologize for any inconvenience and wish you the best of luck in finding a home for your work.

If submitting via agent or MFA program, e-mail submissions are preferred. All scripts should be sent to the Artistic Associate listed on the staff page. If necessary, please send hard copies to:

Artistic Associate
Bristol Riverside Theatre
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